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Does Vegas fan heaters and convectors apply for warranty?
Yes, the warranty period for fan heaters and convectors Vegas is from 12 to 24 months, depending on the type and model of equipment.
What type of control of convectors and fan heaters?
Vegas fan heaters and convectors have a mechanical control type. Also in some models there is a thermostat adjustment.
Is it possible to deliver goods to all regions of Ukraine?
Yes, we send goods throughout Ukraine by the most famous transport companies: New Mail, Delivery, Intime.
Do you produce equipment only for the home or can it be used in industrial premises?
The largest area for which convectors and fans are designed Vegas is 22m³. Suitable for office premises, as well as for rooms of the garage type.
Is it possible to choose a Vegas convector for a certain area of the room?
Yes, depending on the power, Vegas convectors can heat a room up to 22m³
How safe are convectors?
Vegas convectors are heated to a temperature of 60°C, therefore they can be placed near wooden products. In addition, it is impossible to get a burn in short-term contact with the surface of the convector.
If the apartment has high humidity, is it dangerous to use a convector?
Vegas convectors have a high degree of protection against moisture, so they can be used in apartments with high humidity.
Is it necessary to humidify the air after using the convector?
Any heat source, even a central heating radiator, dries indoor air in winter. After the operation of the convector, you can turn on the humidifier.
How long does a convector need to heat a room?
Immediately after switching on, the convector starts to force hot air into the room. The heating rate depends on the area and initial temperature, as well as on the correct equipment. If you have any difficulties with the selection of the device for your area, consult with our experts.
Heard about the fact that fan heaters with a spiral heater burn oxygen? Is it true?
No, oxygen burns an open flame. The spiral is heated by the effects of electricity.
Whether the fan heater is suitable for giving?
Yes, Vegas fan heaters are compact and mobile, it is convenient to move them. It can be used in a wooden room provided that the safety precautions are not violated, the fan is not covered with any objects and there will be free access for hot air.
What safety rules would you recommend when operating a fan heater?
  • Try not to tilt the fan heater or drag it by the power cord. Also, do not pull the power cord out of the socket, hold the plug.
  • If liquid gets onto the fan heater, unplug the power supply using a common circuit breaker, and then remove the plug from the outlet. Allow the device to dry completely, and it is better to immediately take it to the service, where they will separately dry all the elements without connecting the device to the network.
  • Keep the distance between the fan heater and other objects not less than half a meter
  • Do not cover the fan heater with anything, free air circulation is necessary.
Do you have models with adjustable modes?
Yes, depending on the temperature in the room, there is a need to adjust the operation mode of the fan heater. Models VFE-703 and VFH-702 are equipped with 3 modes: fan, heating, intensive heating.